Bradford White VS. Rheem: What Is The Best Water Heater For You By Consumer Reports?

Bradford White and Rheem are both famous manufacturers of water heaters that you should hear of before.

There are many aspects that they share, such as they have various products in a lot of categories, or their price are all pretty costly. But in today’s post, we will walk through a brief comparison between Brad and Rheem water heaters to see which is the one you need!

Let’s the Bradford White VS. Rheem begin!


About Bradford White

Product Lines

Bradford White products have been on the market since 1881. Their most well-known lines are gas, electric, and tankless types of water heaters.

There is a wide range of choices in the Bradford White gas/propane/electric line. These products have a name for their durability and smart control.


  • Safe for using
  • High performance
  • Corrosion-tolerant: with the help of Magnesium anode rods, the metal tanks are now protected from unwanted reaction
  • Sediment minimization: a rough flow of cold water from a dip tube helps prevent the sediment from building up at the bottom of the container
  • Electric lines come with a built-in ECO scheme to limit overheating


  • Heavy-weight water heaters
  • Short warranty time
  • Some models require an installation fee

About Rheem

Product Lines

Rheem company was born after Bradford White half a century. Rheem has all kinds of water heaters that ever existed, from electric models, solar-powered, to hybrid water heaters.

There are commercial and residential versions available in each line, except the solar ones. Rheem provides us with a lot of volume choices, and also comes up with the tankless models to respond to users’ needs!


  • Numerous versions and volumes to choose from
  • Easy maintenance, replacement, and tech service thanks to the brand’s reputation
  • Environmentally friendly solar models
  • Hybrid models for high efficiency
  • Compact and modern tankless models


  • Water tanks are likely to lose heat in a short amount of time
  • Solar and hybrid models are costly for both installation and maintenance

Bradford White vs Rheem: A Comparison

Brand Name

Both Bradford White and Rheem are famous names in the water heaters industry. They have been in the market since the 1900s, applied a hundred years of research and improvement on each product.

That’s why when we know that one heater is from Brad or Rheem, we know that this piece will be a good investment!


Two brands have successfully created such a long list of heaters categories! They all provide gas, electric, and even tankless heating models.

But talking about diversity, Rheem will be an absolute winner!

Along with basic models, they also come with modern energy-powered heaters, not to mention their cooling lines!


The products of these two manufacturers are all high-end models. And that is exactly why we need the piece we choose to be worth the investment!

You might not know this yet, but Rheem products are actually made in Mexico, not in the USA. The production cost in the USA is way higher compared to Mexico.

That explained why Rheem heater tanks are a lot thicker than Brad ones, thus less prone to outer effects and more sustainable.


On the other hand, though the Brads are thinner since they are made in the costly USA, they are known for their incredible efficiency.

Remember what we have said about the Magnesium anode rods and the dip tube? They really help with preserving the high-performance of the Bradford heater.

When the tank is not eroded, and its bottom is not covered in unexpected sediment, you will be able to save a lot of money on your electric bills and maintenance fee.

To Wrap Up

In short, if you want a durable, reliable, and also cost you less on the bill, you should choose the Rheem heaters. And if you are looking for a modern, high-tech, high-priced yet powerful water heater, Bradford White should be the right choice for you!

Comment below to tell us about your choice. Who has won this round of Bradford White vs Rheem?