Best Freestanding Tubs under $1 000 By Consumer Reports

Freestanding tubs are once luxury bathtubs that are mostly enjoyed at hotels. However, these units have become an essential fixture in most modern bathrooms.

Apart from the fact that these products give striking beauty and comfort to users, they are also easy to use. Unlike other bathtubs that are attached to the walls or any nearer installments, freestanding tubs are entirely built from all sides to stand alone.

Likewise, these units can be placed at any place in the home. With hundreds of thousands of freestanding tubs, it is often tricky to get the best tub. This article reviews the three best freestanding tubs on the market today.

Top 3 Best Freestanding Tubs

Empava 67” Made In USA Luxury Freestanding Bathtub

On our list for the best freestanding tubs is Empava 67” freestanding tub. This product is known to be one of the largest water capacity freestanding products on the market today. It can hold up to 58.11 gallons of water at a time. The product is a white finish tub with an anti-bacterial surface that prevents microorganisms such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and others from moving around the tub.

You can clean this model easily with the anti-bacterial surface that comes with it. If you are looking for an odourless tub, this is what you are looking for. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

Woodbridge Whirlpool and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub B-0034

What makes this model different from the others is that it has a sleek and attractive design. It is a perfect option for users looking for freestanding whirlpool bathtubs. The unit features ten adjustable body massage jets and blissful air massage that provides you with maximum comfort. It is constructed with durable and sturdy material that makes it last for an extended period.

. The unit features ten adjustable body massage jets and blissful air massage that provides you with maximum comfort. It is constructed with durable and sturdy material that makes it last for an extended period.

Woodbridge whirlpool freestanding bathtub has anti-leak drain and pipe. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Since this tub combines water and an air bubble, you will enjoy a potent hydro massage. The tub is easy to install.

American Standard Cadet Acrylic Freestanding Soaker Bathtub

This product from American Standard is a freestanding tub with high quality, durable construction and a high water holding capacity. It is a perfect choice for users who are in search of freestanding acrylic bathtubs. It has a large water capacity that can hold up to about 58 gallons of water at a time. This tub is made with acrylic-capped ABS construction and fibreglass reinforcement that makes it durable. It does not rust or fades quickly.

If you are looking for a freestanding tub for soaking and relaxing, this is what you are searching for. It has extra deep bathing and sturdy walls that retain the water temperature for an extended period. Unlike other units, this model has its drain located at the center of its bottom side. You will enjoy a limited lifetime warranty that comes with the tub.

Buying Guide

There are some features to look for and factors to consider when purchasing a freestanding tub. Let us view the following factors.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a freestanding tub is the shape of the tub. This choice is based on your taste and the amount of space available for installation. The different freestanding tub shapes that you will find on the market include rectangle, oval, corner tub, round or square shape. While oval shape tubs are easy to install anywhere, rectangular shape tubs often require ample space for installation.


Another essential factor to consider is the material in which the tub is made from. There are a plethora of materials used for the construction of freestanding tubs. The most important ones include Acrylic, Porcelain, Granite or MARBLE, Fiberglass, Copper or Cast Iron.

While acrylic material is popular with the production of freestanding alcove bathtubs, fibreglass is known with whirlpool tubs. Meanwhile, the acrylic material is lightweight but resistant to scratch and damages. On the other hand, materials such as porcelain are quite dense with lavish looking.

If you want a freestanding tub with affordable prices, fibreglass bathtubs are the perfect options for you. Cast iron is durable, reliable and sturdy types of freestanding tubs.